The British Council is seeking a supplier (consultant/s or research organisation) to design and deliver a scoping study which will inform us of the feasibility and possible programme design and implementation modality for the programme: English and Digital for Girls Education (EDGE) in the selected country/ies.

English and Digital for Girls’ Education (EDGE) programme in Ethiopia. EDGE aims to improve the English language proficiency, digital skills, and awareness of social issues of adolescent girls from marginalised communities with the goal of improving their economic prospects. Based on the successful implementation of EDGE in Bangladesh, India and Nepal, the British Council plans to conduct a scoping study to examine how the EDGE programme could be implemented in Ethiopia. 

The study will aim to establish the best model for implementation of EDGE in Ethiopia and identify potential partner organisations who are working in the sphere of non-formal education for adolescent girls from marginalised communities. Further information about EDGE can be found on the website here.

The documents that must be submitted to form your tender response are listed at Part [2] (Submission Checklist) of Annex 2 (Supplier Response) to this RFP. All documents required as part of your tender response should be submitted to via email to copying (CC-ing)  by the Response Deadline, as set out in the Timescales section of this RFP.

Please take this opportunity to review the documents and apply.

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