At an exciting time of change in Ethiopia, the British Council seeks a Team Leader for the multi donor funded Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) 2.  With the combined pressures of demographics, a growing economy and political change, helping Ethiopians to navigate what amounts to a new relationship with each other and with government offers the right candidate a pivotal role in shaping the changes which will affect the country for years to come.  Building on the substantial successes of CSSP 1, CSSP 2 will support the stronger, better and more mutually beneficial relationship between government and civil society essential to a stable, inclusive, accountable future for both. 

Supported by an excellent team, the Team Leader will:

  • Working with the programme team, their partners and the programme’s donor(s), lead and direct the implementation of the Civil Society Support Programme Phase 2 (CSSP2) in a manner that is politically smart.
  • Manage a dynamic team of technical and operational local and international staff and support them in the delivery of what will be a complex, ambitious and multi-faceted programme.
  • Lead the strategic vision for the programme, aligning the different strands of the programme, and ensuring consistent focus on innovation, learning, evidence, impact and sustainability.

You can submit your CV and Response Guide while copying The email subject should be clearly indicated as the Title [‘Team Leader Consultant for theCivil Society Support Programme (CSSP) 2’].

The terms of reference and submission instructions can be accessed below

The submission deadline is 27 October 2021.