Mat Wright

Learn English on the radio

Tune in to Middleton Hall

Middleton Hall is a radio drama-based series for low-level learners of English which focuses on English for social purposes. 

Story background: Middleton Hall is a small country house hotel just outside London. It is owned by Charles Middleton and his wife, Janet. They are a rather unworldly couple and leave the day-to-day running of the hotel to their manager, Sitwell, who rules his staff with a rod of iron.

This radio program used to run on Afro FM and there is a plan to continue this in the near future. We will announce the date, time and radio station soon.

Learn English in the newspaper

Learn English Print

British Council Ethiopia has started publishing Learn English Print in the Reporter every Sunday, the Amharic newspaper in Amharic with the largest circulation nation-wide.  At the moment, we are publishing the Practical Professional series which is aligned to the vacancy pages of the newspaper. The series is aimed at professionals who may use English in the workplace.   

Broadcasters and Publication Owners

If you are interested in broadcasting one of our radio series or want to have one of our Learn English Print series published in your newspaper or publication, please contact us.