The Civil Society Support Programme Phase2 (CSSP2) is a capacity development programme designed to support Ethiopia’s civil society capacity to “contribute to inclusive and accountable governance; and an improved environment for the promotion and protection of the human rights of all Ethiopians”. As part of efforts to this effect, CSSP2 invites qualified local civil society organisations (CSOs) and their networks to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) for funding as a first step in a competitive process under its Local Action Grants and Flexible Grants windows. Please read the respective guidelines for the two grant types to fully understand the overall notion of the Call and its requirements.

The two grant types are defined as follows:

  • Local Action Grants (LAGs) are demand-driven grants responsive to emerging local opportunities and community proposed solutions; and are implemented through innovative approaches for better and sustainable impact. The proposed initiatives are expected to influence existing systems with a potential to scale.
  • Flexible Grants (FGs) are also demand-driven grants to support interventions in areas of human rights, rule of law, peace and security, dialogue on national reform agendas, government policies and laws, and other strategic issues.

The proposed approaches should be inclusive, and the changes to be brought about by the grants are expected to bring concrete results including benefits to women, girls, youth, persons with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups, addressing the underlying social, political, cultural and economic causes of the problem or issue to be addressed.

In these grants, CSSP2 intends to award up to twenty (# 20) projects with a maximum grant size of GBP £ 47,000 under Local Action Grants and nine (# 8) projects under Flexible Grants with a maximum grant size of GBP £ 75,000. The maximum project period for both types of grants shall not exceed 12 months.

N.B: Well justified applications in partnerships or coalition are highly encouraged.

A three-step process will be used to determine the organization/s receiving the grant. The first step is the submission of EOI that will be evaluated by a technical committee. The second step is for the selected organizations to expand their application into a full proposal after orientation from CSSP2. The third and final stage would be evaluation of the full proposal by external/internal assessors.

Please note that issuance of this solicitation, or the submission of a EOI, does not constitute a grant commitment on the part of CSSP2 and nor does it commit to pay for costs incurred in the preparation or submission of the EOI. CSSP2 reserve the right to choose not to fund any of the EOI received.

Content of the EOI

Your EOI should not exceed a maximum of 3 pages. The EOI must respond to the following key questions in the order provided. It is up to the applicant to balance the allocation of the three pages to the following questions.

  1. Overall objective of the project
  2. Specific objectives of the project
  3. Describe the specific issues that the proposed grant aims to address.
  4. Describe strategies
  5. Provide its result framework (Outcome/s and Outputs.
  6. Major activities that are proposed to achieve the intended results and contribute to the overall objective of your initiative.
  7. Indicative budget ceiling

EOI Instructions 

  • Applicants are advised to read the respective guidelines for the two grant types to fully understand the overall notion of the Call and its requirements.
  • All EOI must be submitted by 08 January 2020 at 5:00PM
  • Multiple EOI from one organization will not be accepted; and will lead to rejections of the entire application. An applicant can only apply in one of the above grant types.
  • The complete application package (electronic format) shall be submitted on or before the due date and time to
  • All documents related to the EOI must be submitted in English and should not exceed a maximum of 3 pages. Please follow the following writing format: Font type Arial, size 11 for body and 12 for title and single space.
  • EOI that exceed the specified page limit, are submitted in a language other than English, and/or is missing any of the required components will be disqualified.

Any questions concerning this solicitation should be submitted by email to by 12 PM EAT on 08 January 2019. No question on the EOI will be entertained after this deadline.

Thank you for your interest to apply for this initiative, and we are looking forward to receiving your applications.