The British Council has extensive experience in working with youth through designing and implementing programmes developed specifically to enhance various skills such as leadership and social enterprise, recognising that young people are capable of addressing societal problems and concerns. Those programmes, including Active Citizens, InterAction, Global Xchange, Premier Skills, International Inspirations and Horn of Africa Leadership and Learning for Action project, generated direct interventions to provide support for young people to become active citizens engaged in the development of their societies. The British Council developed a strong network of local and international partners, skilled facilitators, tried and tested materials and resources, and experiences of linking people across borders to support the successful delivery of activities at country, regional and global levels. 

The British Council Youth programme will be delivered with a strong emphasis on building young people’s capacity; they will develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes to drive positive change, operating in a collaborative way. A number of innovative interventions that will take these young peoples’ realities into account, whilst at the same time responding to the Government of Ethiopia’s (GoE) ‘youth development’ agenda.

The programme exists of 3 components with the following expected results:

Result 1:  Increased understanding of the economic aspirations, challenges and lived realities for young people in Ethiopia to inform policy and practice.

Result 2: Increased capacity of youth focused CSOs with tools and resources to deliver innovative programme and operation models

Result 3: Youth led community – based actions modelled to bring youths together, showcasing positive youth participation and leadership