#የእኔ ትውልድ ዛሬ


#የእኔ ትውልድ ዛሬ webinar series is organized by the British Council in collaboration with the Next Generation Ethiopia youth taskforce. The Webinar aims to endorse the Next Generation Research Ethiopia and bring together young people to voice their views and express their fears, on the current pandemic that their generation is facing. This will give them the opportunity to learn from each other on, how they could contribute toward preparedness and response to COVID-19. The webinar comprises three sections:

Section –1 Next Generation Research Ethiopia overview

Section-2 Young people voice fears and uncertainties during this fearful time

Section -3 Young people’s contribution in this uncertain time

#የእኔ ትውልድ ዛሬ webinar series schedule:

Session one: 08 Sep 2020 11:00am -12:00pm

Moderator: Yordanos Hagos

Speakers:  Matyias Assefa, Wubet Girma, Halelujha Lule and Sewit Haileselassie

Session two: 15 Sep 2020 11:00am -12:00pm

Moderator: Ermias Tessema 

Speakers:  Ephrem Bekele, Dr. Meskerem Aleka, Barkael Beyene and Nahom Teklu



Name: Yordanos Alem/Next Generation Youth Task Force

Bio: Yordanos is a vibrant Youth who is currently serving as the Youth Advisory Panelist of the UK Government in Ethiopia. She is a Physician by profession. A Global Health enthusiast and SRHR advocate. As a member of the Youth Task force, she is responsible for critically examining and advising on program design and implementation that impact the youth.

Name: Ermias Tessema/Next Generation Youth Task Force

Bio: Ermias Tessema is an architect who teaches at Debre Behan University. He is passionate about new small city developments in rural Ethiopia. He works at a rural urbanization program called Tukuls to Dachas (T2D), which aims at transforming rural homesteads into sustainable small towns, through a participatory approach. Ermias is a member of Youth Advisory Panel(YAP) at British Council and an alumni of Mandela Washington Fellowship 2018. Through such platforms, he advocates for youth engagement in the public sector. Ermias has graduated in Architecture from EiABC, Addis Ababa University, where he experimented on affordable construction techniques and algorithmic design. He has volunteered for one year in Canada with MCC at AODBT Architecture + Interior Design, where he got a chance to work on different nonprofit community-related projects, sustainable design, and LEED.


Name: Matiyas Asefa Chefa, Director, Youth Mainstreaming Mobilization and Participation Ministry of Women, Children and Youth

Topic: Young people voice, fears and uncertainties in-light of this pandemic

Bio: Matiyas is passionate about helping young people discover their passions and dreams and be nurtured to do it well. He has M.A journalism and Communication, and B.A Political Science and International Relations. Prior to his current role, he was working as Director General for Youth at the Ethiopian Ministry of Women, Children and Youth, Head of Health and Care Program at Ethiopian Red Cross Society. Labor Relation Manger at Matador Addis, Foreign Trade Relations Senior Expert-Ministry of Trade and Industry, Media Analyst- Ministry of Information Ethiopia , General Promotion Head- Addis Ababa City Government Culture and Tourism Bureau, Researcher and Policy Analyst in different Government and Non-Government Organization, Founder and CEO - Ethiopian People’s Friendship Association, Board Chairperson, Ubuntu Event Organization. In addition to this his contribution to the is immense as he served as, Coordinator for youth connect Ethiopia Program, Coordinator in the designing of national youth development and change strategy & Package, Chairperson in the designing of National Volunteer Policy and National Service Program, Coordinator in the preparation of the 2019 National Youth Status Report, Member of Social Enterprise forum, Board Member- Ethiopian Social Enterprise Forum

Name: Sewit Haileselassie, President, Association for Women in Business (AWiB)

Topic: Young people voice, fears and uncertainties in-light of this pandemic

           Women Perspective and unique voices

Bio: Sewit is an unapologetic feminist with a background of Economics, Communication and Gender Studies. She’s a serial reader, critical thinker and analytical conversationalist. At her essence, Sewit is a smart, dynamic and progressive provocateur. She has served in various leadership roles in civil society, private sector as well as development. She is passionate about her work on inclusion with a focus on youth and women. Sewit is currently working as the Managing Director of Earuyan Solutions, a feminist social enterprise with a flag ship project called Meri, a leadership, mentorship and training program for young women.

Name: Hallelujah Lulie, Program Director, Amani Africa

Topic: Young people voice, fears and uncertainties in-light of this pandemic

            Peace Building

Bio: Hallelujah Lulie is a regional security researcher interested in democratization, regional security, nation and state building & social movements in the Horn of Africa, & the affairs of the African Union. He headed the Institute of Strategic Affairs (ISA), Ethiopian government’s prime strategic policy think-tank for more than a year. Prior to that, he was member of the policy advising team at the Office of the Prime Minster of Ethiopia. Hallelujah studied Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) specializing on nationalism and democratization, and also holds degrees in Journalism and Communication and Peace and Security Studies from Addis Ababa University and UPEACE respectively. He worked as a researcher at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) for seven years, and as a research consultant for the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) for a year. Hallelujah has published on democratization in Africa, the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) and state fragility and regional integration in the Horn of Africa. He made numerous high-level policy briefings and presentations to political and public leaders, and decision making bodies of the African Union. His expertise has been used by The Economist, The New York Times, The Washington Post, the BBC, Al-Jazeera, CNN, The Guardian, Reuters and The Financial Times. Hallelujah is member of the Rotary Club of Addis Ababa Arada, and initiated, took part and led numerous youth voluntary community service, activism and advocacy initiatives.

Name: Wubet Girma, Deputy Country Director, British Council Ethiopia 

Topic: British Council Next Generation Research Overview

Bio: Wubet is inspired by social innovation and committed to social justice. She is passionate about investing in human and social capital towards building equitable societies. As an international development professional, with over fourteen years’ experience of track record in leadership within the NGO sector, she’s had the privilege to work on a range of development programmes: social enterprise, youth skills and entrepreneurship, livelihood and women empowerment, civil society and policy. Over the past five years, Wubet has been a key contributor to the thriving social enterprise sector in Ethiopia and has received recognition on the same. Wubet has postgraduate qualification in Social Work, Bachelors in Sociology and Social Administration.

Name: Barkael Beyene, Chief Executive, Social Enterprise Ethiopia

Topic: Young people’s contribution in this uncertain time

Bio: Barkeal is the Chief Executive of Social Enterprise Ethiopia, an organization that envisions a sustainable and inclusive economy in Ethiopia through a robust social enterprise ecosystem. Prior to Social Enterprise Ethiopia, Barkeal served as a Child Protection Specialist at Kidmia Foundation by facilitating family empowerment and domestic adoption programs. Barkeal is an Internationally certified Project Management Professional with more than nine years of’ development programs and business project management experience. He blends academic training in Sociology, Social Work and Business Administration with hands-on experience in project management.

Name: Ephrem Bekele Woldeyesus

Topic: Young people’s contribution in this uncertain time in light of mental health and share the importance of perspective and setting new year’s resolution.

Bio: Ephrem Bekele, over nine years of experience in nonprofit sectors and social enterprises. As a founding executive director of SunEko art for social development, he designed and executed a social circus program by leading fundraising, creative social work, program coordination, strategic partnership, and public relation. He created a space where children and youth acquire the therapeutic benefits of art. He reached 10 million radio audiences through the weekly radio show, Ye Erq Ma'ed, on areas of wellness, youth leadership, child protection, employability, organizational psychology, peace and reconciliation, family therapy, and mental health. He worked as a regional content manager for U.S. based Media Company called Zeno Radio in Ethiopia. Ephrem worked with the International Development Sector on business development, impact measurement, social enterprises, communications, training, trauma healing programs, and consultancy. Ephrem is a YALI RLC fellow in Kenya and winner of the “Top 30 WHO Health Innovator challenge” in Cape Verde. He was entitled as the top 20 International YouthLead projects Ambassador for the Making Cents program in Washington DC, USA. Recently he became One Young World Ambassador in London, UK. He developed skills in media and communications, capacity building, youth engagement, operational and strategic planning, partnership management, social media management, project designing, and implementation and volunteer management. He loves to practice photojournalism as a hobby. Ephrem is passionate about innovative and social entrepreneurship projects on mental health, youth empowerment, and media.

Name: Dr. Meskerem Aleka, Next Generation Research Youth Task Force

Topic: Young people’s contribution in this uncertain time

            Precautions for the Holiday considering Covid-19 and advise from Doctors

Bio: I am currently a general practitioner working in Addis Ababa University, Black Lion Hospital. I am also the executive committee member of the Ethiopian medical association. I believe in the power of youth engagement and that youth are the future of our continent!! Meskerem is also among the team of youth advisors for the government of UK in Ethiopia.

Name: Nahom Teklu, Next Generation Research Youth Task Force

Topic: British Council Next Gen Research Youth Task Force Perspective

Bio: Nahom is a passionate young Architect who is graduated in Architecture with great distinction from Addis Ababa science and technology University. He got the chance to be certified in the disciplines of Design thinking and leadership in public management from young African leadership center in Nairobi. Participating on different international programs, meetings, and conferences; Nahom is fired up to catalyze the socio political, and economic reformations his country is currently undertaking. Nahom is one of the British Council's New Narratives program fellows from Ethiopia. He strives to influence decision and policy makings through being one of the 15 aspiring youth advisors for the government of UK in Ethiopia. Nahom has been consulting significantly on the next generation Ethiopia research from its inception, completion to launch. Nahom promotes participation, inclusive planning and holistic approaches towards change and transformation.