Monday 03 December 2018

From 9 to 11 November, the British Council delivered Core Skills training for 130 teachers and school leaders in the beautiful Bahir Dar city which is in the north eastern part of Ethiopia. Core Skills training, which is delivered by professional and validated trainers, aims to improve the teaching and learning process by focusing on increasing the potential for students’ success.

The training in Bahir Dar had an additional specialized training element in ‘teaching creatively’ as it introduced the ‘Rivers of the World’ arts project which is designed to help students develop their core skills and to reflect upon local and global issues relating to rivers of the world.

The whole training was a great success with super active and engaged participants enlivening the sessions and the British Council looks forward to seeing their progress and the impact of this training across the schools.

One participant commented, ‘The training raised our awareness on the global learning crisis and, the situation in our region. Hence, as we are at the forefront, our responsibility is immense, and we have to exert our maximum effort to reverse the situation.’

The second and last part of the core skills training will take place in 12 weeks time during which the teachers’ progress in practically applying their newly acquired skills will be monitored and supported.