Wednesday 10 May 2017


Held at the beautiful Yaya village owned by world celebrated long distance athlete, Haile Gerbesellassie our day began with a ‘Simon Says what’ ice breaker and this continued into an interactive discussion about our 2017/18 country plan followed by a lively discussion on the upcoming celebration of the 75th year anniversary.

Things then really got exciting when the different programme teams came up with five minute creative presentations of their work. This was followed by True or False quizzes, role plays, musical plays and performances.  The afternoon was not dull either. With plenty of laughter and jovial companionship, staff swarmed around the playgrounds playing games and bonding with each other. But the day was not just about playing games. It was about connecting and building a team spirit. These included ‘crossing the river’ using six pieces of A4 paper on a lawn, , pool, table tennis, basketball, and fuzz ball.