Monday 16 July 2018

Afework Yohannes is a multi-talented young Visual Artist, Fashion and Interior Designer and in his own words, he works on “colourful concepts to promote Ethiopia and African designs; my products are most popular among the younger generation”.

When asked about his experience of Creative Futures, Afework explained, “I was lucky to have taken part in several Creative Futures programme workshops including on Curation and Portfolio Development. These workshops have helped me increase my focus, be more organised in presenting my work and support me increase my network with new artists who have since inspired me to do more. I have produced a number of works but never managed to exhibit them to the public. But, during the Creative Futures’ Innovation Month project, together with 8 other artists from the image sector we produced an installation centre around the concept of ‘man and materials’. Once completed, we showcased our work to a large audience at Alle School of Arts & Design and got really good reviews and feedback. There are many strengths of the programme. The biggest takeaway, in my view, is the platform for us to develop our network with artists from different fields. But I recommend that this programme continues as there are many artists who need similar opportunities.”

During our very last Creative Futures programme’s Creative Hustle, a grand total of 349 image sector practitioners attended the event across two days. For the very first time in Ethiopia, we provided attending artists an overview of what sort of funding opportunities exist for the image sector, including the British Council East Africa Arts Programmes’ flagship projects; the new Arts new Audiences (nAnA) annual funding and the mobility travel grant.

There are no spaces in Ethiopia where artists can meet a large number of practitioners in their sector under one roof. So, through games and exercises we were able to offer all who attended the opportunity to develop and/or extend their network. 

Creative Futures has been an amazing journey for the British Council Ethiopia and our two implementing partners, iceaddis and Goethe-Institut.

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Below are some feedbacks received from this session.

  • “Interesting, Fun, and Inspirational.”
  • “This event was great. I wish I had known about this project 2 years back … thumbs up … I got so much out of today…”
  • “…I am so happy with the connections I have made through Creative Futures and thanks to all team members”
  • “It was one of the most amazing ways of spending my birthday”
  •  "It was eye-opening; at the end of it, I felt the gears turning in my head. Mahlet and the rest of the British Council team crew were wonderful”
  • “I wish Creative Futures never ends”.