Thursday 28 April 2022

The British Council is committed to creating more opportunities for more young people throughout Ethiopia through our work in English, education and society. This has never been more important and the way we work needs to change to engage with and meet the needs of young Ethiopians today. 

After careful analysis and consultation, we have decided to discontinue our in-person teaching programmes at the Teaching Centre in Addis Ababa, in June 2022. This is a big decision, with many factors behind it. Primarily, we are dealing with an extremely challenging business environment due to Covid-19 and also wider economic concerns.  These have impacted greatly on many service organisations who work directly with their customers, so we need to respond. 

In Ethiopia, we remain committed to providing opportunity and impact by aligning the British Council more strongly to the English needs of Ethiopians, across the country and will be exploring different delivery options going forward, including better positioning for our global online teaching product.  In the meantime, through our EES and global Corporate Education Solutions team, we will continue to explore and pursue opportunities to work with governments, institutions and businesses in Addis Ababa and across Ethiopia.  

The British Council is not closing. We are continuing all our exams and UK qualifications provision, including IELTS. The British Council’s work in arts, society and education will continue.  

The British Council continues to have a wide range of free online resources and apps to help support you and your child’s learning. The resources include videos, mobile apps, games, stories, listening activities and grammar exercises. Please go to (insert address of online learning page once completed).

About the British Council

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We build connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education and the English language. Last year we reached over 75 million people directly and 758 million people overall including online, broadcasts and publications. Founded in 1934 we are a UK charity governed by Royal Charter and a UK public body. We receive a 14.5 per cent core funding grant from the UK government.