Wednesday 18 December 2019

Eden Berhane (EBS TV) was given the honour of forwarding certificates and awards to 4 journalist colleagues who won second, third, and special commendation awards after she spoke on the session during SEWF 2019.

Eden Berhane herself was announced as the winner of the first-ever Social Enterprise Journalist of the Year award during the SEWF press conference that was held on 18 October at the British Council office.  The following are small excerpts about the five finalists.

First Place Winner

Eden Berhane, ‘Semonun Addis’ on EBS TV

Eden is the Executive Producer of ‘Semonun Addis’ show on EBS TV channel. She won this award for the exemplary programmes she produced on the show with regards to why and how Addis should recycle plastic bottles and the amazing story of Tesfa Creative Craftworkers.

Her plan for the future

Eden notes that there are lots of problems being faced by Social Enterprises. She aims to start a social entrepreneurship award television show which will help to create and encourage the social enterprise sector in the country. 

You can access here entries here

Why and how Addis should recycle plastic bottles?

Part 1:  

Part 2:

The amazing story of Tesfa  creative crafts  workers

 Part 1      

Part  2

 Second Place Winner

Samuel Getachew, The Reporter newspaper

 Quoting one of the judges,

 All three of his articles were well structured and about social enterprise. He asked good questions in his interview of R4C and brought several examples of SEs in his “SE under the spotlight” piece. If I were a reader who was new to SE, I would have learned more about the concept and practice from his pieces than from any of the other submissions.’

 His plan for the future

‘I want to write in-depth articles on some of the local social entrepreneurs. I find that, while the idea is gaining ground, I believe it's important to put a face to some of the stories on the ground, that sometimes get lost amid big investors and non-governmental organizations that continue to dominate the headlines in Ethiopia.'

You can check out his pieces here:

 Third Place

Ashenafi Endale, Ethiopian Business Review

 We were impressed by the research and statistics that this reporter brought to the article on angel investment. The articles that he wrote were focused and provided a reasonable illustration of impact investment.

 His plan for the future

‘I have already proposed to the editorial team to produce an article that covers exemplary social enterprise(s). I believe it is not too late to redefine the concept and show the benefits of such frontiers to society.’

 You can read his articles below

 Climate Change Putting A Huge Strain on The Economy,

 Angel Investment: Providing A Glimpse of Hope for Women Entrepreneurs

 Turning Organic Waste Into Energy,


Special Commendations went to

Tariku, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation

Tariku has a very good grasp of the subject and he conducted a very good interview with Kibret, the founder of Tebita.

 His Plan for the future

Tariku’s ambition is to do a programme about social enterprise and how it can create jobs. He said that ‘as unemployment is a very crucial issue in my country, I will have a program about social enterprises. I specifically plan to show how the government can create 3 million jobs in a year all over Ethiopia, how social enterprises can help in achieving this, and what policy and regulations are needed.

Unemployment in Ethiopia,

First aid in Ethiopia,

Palliative care in Ethiopia case Hospice Ethiopia,

Another Special Commendation went to

Kiram Tadesse, Afro FM

 Kiram has a very good grasp of the concepts and has done a focused radio programme. He is also engaged, and we expect a lot from him in the future.

 His Plan for the future

To quote him, ‘In a bid to change the narratives that have been attached in the distinction of non-governmental organizations and social enterprises, I aim to develop a communication tool I believe would have an instrumental role.’              

You can find his radio piece here

The first place winner and the runner up will get the opportunity to travel to the UK to get firsthand experience of selected UK Social Enterprise and Media platform. Third place winner and the two finalists who received special commendations will get souvenirs produced by Social Enterprises in Ethiopia.

Here, as noted by Nebiyou Worku who was in charge of the SEWF 2019 marcomms effort,

'This is just a start. The main purpose of this award was to link SEs with the media so that the amazing social enterprises in Ethiopia, the UK and the world should get the attention that they deserve. Actually the award was preceded by a training on Good Journalism and Solution Journalism which was provided by the British Council and Pioneers Post (Media Partner for SEWF 2019 and a social enterprise itself) which was a great opportunity for different media agencies, social enterprises and other players in the sector to meet and discuss how they can work together. As a result of these endeavours there was a considerable spike in the number of media coverages on SEWF, SEs and SE related issues and I am sure the British Council and all players will continue to capitalise on the momentum created and take this to a whole new level.'

Notes to Editor

About the British Council’s Social Enterprise Programme

Social Enterprise is a project designed to support underserved populations to access social protection, health, education and jobs, and in doing so help foster inclusive and sustainable growth for human development. More specifically, the project strives to promote and strengthen an evidence-based social enterprise approach to address development priorities in Ethiopia. The project is part of the British Council’s Global Social Enterprise programme which is implemented currently in 29 countries across four continents.

For More information on the British Council’s Social Enterprise programme, please contact, Metsnanat Sahle, Programme Manager, Social Enterprise, British Council Ethiopia

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About British Council

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