Teacher and students
Our teaching methods

Engaging, interactive and communicative teaching methods play an essential part on all our classes. We know from experience that this is the only way to prepare our students to communicate effectively in English in the world today.

To help our students best achieve their learning goals, our teachers use a variety of proven teaching methods, in conjunction with the most up-to-date teaching materials and cutting-edge learning technologies.

Our teachers work hard to ensure that all students get the individual attention they need. A sense of progress is also vital, so teachers provide regular personal feedback to students on how they are doing.

We believe that English classes should:

  • help you to achieve more in life
  • be motivating, challenging and enjoyable
  • give you the chance to make friends with others.

In addition, we believe that teachers should:

  • be knowledgeable, friendly and helpful
  • adapt the lesson content to student needs
  • teach you study skills, so you continue learning after class has finished.