STEP Training ©

Mesfin Yohannes


The STEP teacher training programme, which is currently being implemented in 5 regions of Ethiopia aims to improve English Proficiency, classroom English and teaching methodology.

The programme offers a 60 hour self-study course, STEP, divided into 20 units of study for teachers to complete one unit of study per week.

It is based on a largely self-managed study resource methodology, which takes into account the limited time available for teachers to attend face-to-face (F2F) training and allowing the flexibility for teachers to access the materials where and when it suits them. Teachers are also supported by peer mentoring groups led by a teacher mentor and further supported by head teachers.

The training programme for teachers in STEP is adapted to take into account the language levels and needs of teachers and uses print and audio learning materials. Simple tools are included for teachers to record the amount of time and degree of engagement with the study package in order to support a self-managed approach to CPD and foster a sense of autonomy. The audio materials are available on SD cards and enable teachers to access audio resources on their mobile phones.

At the British Council, we work with governments and other partners to improve the quality of English teaching, and learning. In doing so, we use our experience in multilingual approaches to teaching and the medium of instruction to support governments to implement bilingual curricula in schools. Our work enables all learners to enjoy their right to education and to showcase their knowledge and skills to their fullest potential.