Final Touch PLC

Founder: Kohar Kevorkian

Annual Turnover: Under ETB 200,000.00

Employee/Team: 4

Major Activities:

Home Decoration, Paintings, Hand woven Carpets made of scrap leather collected from local tanneries and accessories like bags from hand woven sisal fibre (Si-Bago) which is produced locally.

Social Impact:

Their products are created out of eco-friendly, natural material and local products, like the sisal fibre (sibago) which is hand woven and then created into designer bags of different sizes and styles. 

FlexPay Technologies, Social Enterprise Partner

Flexpay Technologies

Industry/Sector : Technology (ICT)

Founder(s):Johnson Gituma

Employees/Team : 10

Organization/Incorporation type:Ltd company

Stage: Early market

Budget: 4 million

Phone: 723005304/724263879



Health First Solutions Business and Trading PLC

Contact Person: Dr. Dawit Mengistu


Employee/ Team: 10

 Annual Turnover:  ETB 300.000,00 

 Major Activities: Health Consultation with special emphasis on non-communicable diseases, Chiropractic, Nutrition Counselling, Psycho- social, Physiotherapy, health education etc.  Social Impact: It provides preventative and restorative lifelong health solutions. Also provide a cutting - edge lifestyle and preventive medicine in Ethiopia. 

Kibra Community Empowerment Organisation

Kibera Community Empowerment Organisation (K-Shoes Project)

Industry/Sector: Fashion & Design

Founder(s): Joshua Tambo

Employees/Team: 8

Organization / Incorporation type: Works under Dada Academy

Stage: Early market/impact stage

Budget Per Annum (KES): 1.8 million

KCEO is an independent community based organisation committed to empowering the community in the Kibera slum of Kenya to take active responsibility for their lives and shape the future of their destiny. KCEO provides a platform through which Kibera residents can explore and share their skills and inner talents towards sustainable growth and development. KCEO aims to create a just and equitable society. Our programmes focusing on health, education and environment through innovative sustainable social entrepreneurship.


Phone: 721788558

Lulu Thamani

Lulu Thamani

Founder(s) : Joan Mwende

Employees/Team : 7

Organization/Incorporation type : Registered CBO

Stage : Ideation/ inspiration stage

Budget  : 4.5 million

Lulu Thamani is a youth-led Christian organization based in Kenya with the goal of social and economic value creation. It was founded in 2015 February as a bridge to a need in my community. We have been active in championing rights of girls and young women to live a life confidence, be productive and involved in making decisions in the society. We are aware that the young women of our community are vulnerable to many exposures and harms like harmful cultural backgrounds that compress their capabilities and strengths, poverty, chauvinism, GBV, illiteracy, limited resources among others. This makes the individuals meek and underrepresented in major roles in their lives. 

Phone :2.54729E+11

Email :

Nutridense Agro Processing PLC

Contact Person: Alem Greiling


Employee/team: 6 

Annual Turnover: Estimated to be 300,000 ETB

Major Activities:

Manufacturing a healthy breakfast cereal products and snacks using locally available inputs, produced by local farmer’s 

Social Impact:

  • Health
  • Nutritional Value Provided 
  • Affordable Price
  • Minimizes import of similar products 
  • Creates direct links with farmers  
  • Provides capacity building & training for small holder farmers

Pacific Arts and Training

Pacific Arts Training

Industry/Sector : Entertainment (Edutainment)

Founder(s) : Veronica Njeri

Employees/Team : 8

Organization/Incorporation type : Registered CBO

Stage : Early Market

Budget per annum (KES) : 3.9 million

Pacific Arts and Training is a registered Community Based Organization (CBO) of artists and trainers committed to positive social change initiatives through visual and performing arts. We operate in all counties in Kenya. Pacific Arts and Training (PAT) has been in existence since 2007.

Phone : 725271491

Email :,

Rockhealth Integrated Care And Consultancies

Industry/Sector: Health

Founder(s): Kiboi Hakeem Rabuka

Employees/Team: 10

Organization / Incorporation type: Registered CBO

Stage: Impact traction

Budget Per Annum (KES): 5 million

RockHealth Integrated Care and Consultancies (RICC) is a non-sectarian registered Community Based Organization that provides community oriented patient centered care through disciplinary integration, Volunteerism and Public Education. This constitutes a community of well-intentioned and steadfast medical practitioners who not only believe in but also value the need for integrated health care system for wholesome provision of patient needs. In the course of discharge and dispensation of our services, the patients and their needs remain the point of reference. 


Phone: 254 716 424 448

Salem’s Designs PLC

Founder: Salem Kassahun


Annual Turnover: Under ETB 6,000,000

Employee/ Team: 50 artisans plus administrative staff.

Major Activities 

  • Production of handcrafted items.
  • Textiles woven on traditional handlooms
  • Basketry, Jewelery

Social Impact:

Working with women’s groups in Addis Ababa as well as other region by providing them training and buying their products and empowering them to generate their own income. The artisans have negotiating power in matters relating to their pay, the convenience of their work environment.