Alphasol Modular Energy Plc

•The Solar PV Business Line – currently the company is into the sales of Solar Home Systems, Solar Institutional Systems and Solar Water Pumps to the off-grid communities. It is also selling Emergency Bulbs to grid connected societies who cannot afford standby generators during power outage. It is making an attempt to participate in Independent Power Producer schemes.

•The Hydro Business Line – The company is trying to Revitalize Traditional Water Mills; Ultra Low Micro Hydro Powers, and IPP in Hydro Power Stations; 

•The Biomass Business Line: The company is on the move to produce pellet, briquette, bio fuel, and electricity out of Miscanthus, Coffee Husk, Prosopis Juliflora and Bagasse along with improved stove and bio char. 

•The Wind Business Line: The company is using the wind energy hybrid systems to justify the cost of PV