ALPHASOL Modular Energy

Alphasol Modular Energy Plc

Contact Person: Nebiyu Assefa (Deputy General Manager)


Employee/Team: 33

Annual Turnover:  ETB 21,000,000

Major Activities:

  • The Solar PV Business Line 
  • The Hydro Business Line
  • The Biomass Business Line: 
  • The Wind Business Line

Social Impact:

  • Empowering rural communities by delivering alternative energy technologies for lighting and productive end uses.
  • Establishment of Renewable Energy Hubs at Woreda level.

Barakapora Products, Social Enterprise

Baraka Bora Products

Founder(s): Justin Kasai

Employees/Team: 2

Organization/Incorporation type: Ltd Company

Stage:Early market


We are in the car wash industry providing an eco-friendly car wash as well as manufacturing affordable car care and detailing products. Our process is capable of cleaning and waxing a sedan car with about 2 litres of water thus saving thousands of litres of water which could otherwise have been wasted. Our car wash business can also be mobile and is not restricted to a static car wash site. We have previously gone to clean cars on the client’s premises. The process is also non-drip meaning that no water drips on the ground during cleaning. 

Phone : 727564816


Damascene Essential Oils

Founder : Rahel Heruy

Initial Capital: 20,000.00

Major Activities:

Damascene is currently engaged in the production of essential oils (with flavours such as rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon grass, orange, lavender and peppermint), bath salt and hydro-water. The products are packed in bottles and are directly delivered to hotels, beauty salons/spa facilities as well as individual consumers through the company’s retail shop

Social impact: 

The business is environmentally viable because its survival and success depends on the protection of the surrounding environment. Since the quality of the end products highly depends on the quality of raw materials, the company sources 100% of its raw materials from the local market. To ensure a smooth flow of raw materials, Damascene has engaged in an out-grower scheme. So far Damascene has engaged more than 350 small-holder farmers, of which majority are women, in its out-grower scheme

Diaper Safy

Industry/Sector: Water & Sanitation

Founder(s) : Josephine Ng'ang'a

Employees/Team:  5

Organization/incorporation type: Sole prop

Stage:Ideation Stage

Budget: over 1 million

Diaper Safy is a social enterprise that offers high quality, reusable, affordable and cost effective diapers in Kenya, our main targets being rural families, street families and children homes, basically, our target market are the families from the bottom of the pyramid.


Phone: 727276762


Eco Manyatta Afrika

Eco Manyatta Afrika

Industry/Sector: Environment

Founder(s): Nina Kosen

Employees/Team: 5

Organization/incorporation type: Ltd company

Stage:Ideation stage

Budget: 1Million

Eco Manyatta Afrika (EMA) is a registered social enterprise in Kenya that works in partnership with pastoralist communities to address the housing and economic challenges in the region. The company develops sustainable and climate resilient housing prototypes for use in arid and semiarid areas. The houses are powered by readily available green energy supply from solar and biogas technology, fitted with rainwater harvesters and eco-toilets. To meet the challenges posed by poverty, the company is introducing value addition services aimed at expandingeconomic opportunities for women and youth in the region.



ECO Paper Manufacturing Partnerships

Founder Name: Tesfaye Mekonnen

Major Activities:

Paper recycling and manufacturing operation by using waste paper, banana leaves, pineapple leaves and cotton wastes.

Social Impact:

The recycled paper products are environmentally friendly; chemical free and easily degradable. The recycled paper bags are intended to replace plastic bags that pollute the environment.

Entrevene Africa

Founder(s) : Esalako Hillary

Employees/Team : 5

Organization/Incorporation type : Registered Business

Stage : Early Market/Impact Traction

Budget  : 1.3 million

Entrevene Africa is a membership based social enterprise that works closely with the entrepreneurial and investments communities in campus. Ours’ is to prepare students for their life after school and necessitate an ease in transition to their new life. The organization has two arms; the entrepreneurship and the investments. These two ensure students graduate with a plan to either get into entrepreneurship or if it’s to get into employment, then they got financial basis to start from.

Phone : 704728385

Email :,

Eshururu Training Center

Eshururu Training Center

Founder: Solomon Mulugeta

Sector: Education


Capital: ETB 250,000.00

Major Activities: ETC provides professional training courses, particularly nanny training courses to young women between the ages of 18 and 30. This training service was brought to practice from the high demand of professional nannies by the public as well as the need to have job by many young women, particularly by those who have returned from illegal migration to The Middle East Countries, Sudan and South Africa.

Social impact: ETC strives to avail better opportunities to young women through various professional and non-professional (life skill and vocational) training programs which can lead to a well-paying job opportunity to change their lives. The training also includes empowering and enhancing young women to be effective, active and beneficiaries in a wide array of professional jobs. 

Ethiopian Skin Beauty Secrets (ESBS SECRET) organic skin care and beauty products

Ethiopian Skin Beauty Secrets (ESBS SECRET) organic skin care and beauty products

Founder Name: Yordanos Goushe

Employee/ Team: 10

Annual Turnover: Under ETB 1,000,000

Major Activities: Organic beauty products made from natural herbs by combining only the finest of oils, selected herbs and botanicals, then carefully prepared them without boiling to ensure full potency and effectiveness of these special ingredients.

Social Impact:  Introducing the society to natural skin care products, it is free form detergents, synthetic perfumes, animal fats, artificial ingredients and animal cruelty. Moreover, empowering women by recruiting them to be sales agent for the products and increase their income.   

Etta Solutions PLC

Etta Solution PLC

Founder: Temesgen Gebrehiwot


Employee/ Team: 11

Annual Turnover: ETB 220,000 

Major Activities: Taxi Hailing app, Call centre, Software Development, Advertising, e-commerce

Social Impact: Their IT based system is designed to stop drunk driving, ease mass transportation, and provide the safest, fastest and cheapest transportation. Enables e-commerce, Mentors