Sidai Academy

Industry/Sector: Education

Founder(s): Agnes Lunkat

Employees/Team: 11

Organization/Incorporation type: Not registered

Stage: Early Market

Budget: 1.8 million

Sidai designs is a for profit enterprise located in Ngong Town of Kajiado County, Maasai road, Bondeni about 5 kilometers from Karen shopping center. The business makes and sells Women, Men, and children outfits with a Maasai theme mostly using beads and African fabric commonly known as the Maasai Shuka to create the impressions. Sidai designs was established in the year 2008 and its purpose was to produce high quality products that would fulfill a growing market demand and trends for different African wear with an assumption that many town dwellers both at middle and upper income earners would like and buy the products because of their need to maintain an African identity.

Phone: 722864248


Tarsam Green

Industry /Sector: Agriculture 

Founder Name:  Tarikayehu Gebre- Silassie 

Major Activities:Producing and Supplying:

  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Organic Animals Supplementary Food
  • Organic Pesticides and Insecticides

Social Impact

Tarsam Green products are contributing to sustainable farming practices in rural communities. The products are making the following specific contributions:

  • Contributing to the health of farmers
  • Preserving the productivity of the land 
  • Preserving the health of surrounding communities by helping farmers harvest and sell healthy crops that are organic/chemical free 

Tebita Ambulance Service

Founder: KibretAbebe

Industry/Sector :Health

Employee/ Team: 56 permanents and 28 temporary employees

Major Activities:

Tebita ambulance is providing the following services by using the business model called cross subsidization

  • Ambulance service
  • First aid and health safety training for non-health professionals
  • Basic and advanced life support training for health professionals.
  • First aid kit provision.
  • Home based nursing care
  • National and international air evacuation 

Social Impact

  • Provided ambulance service for more than 55,000 people
  • Gave training for more than 40,000 trainees
  • Increased the number of ambulances from 3 to 11

Toto Health

Industry/Sector: Health

Founder(s): Felix Kimaru

Employees/Team: 5

Organization/Incorporation type: Ltd company

Stage: scaling up

Budget: Over 10 million

Totohealth is a for-profit company with a social mission registered under the laws of Kenya in January 2015. Our mission is to save lives of mothers and children in Africa through use of innovative solutions. Totohealth's flagship solution is a last mile intervention utilizing an interactive text and voice messaging platform to enable both mothers and fathers from marginalized communities to monitor the progress of their pregnancy as well the development of their children.  

Phone: 720606167


TSH Health Solutions PLC

Founder: Teminit Abraha


Annual Turnover: Over ETB 400,000

Employee/ Team: 14

Major Activities:

  • Nursing care at home
  • Equipment rental service
  • Provide training opportunities for professionals with similar intentions (Provide placements for student nurses)
  • Preventive care service
  • Consultancy service
  • Additional supportive services

Social Impact

  • Patients & families get holistic care and able to alleviate stress
  • Patients receive health services at their own surrounding at minimum cost, time and man power. 
  • Patients’ physical, emotional & psychological, social & spiritual wellbeing is ensured

VitaBite Nutrition

VitaBite Nutrition PLC

Contact Person: Melat Yosef, Co-Founder


Employee/ Team: 2 

Annual Turnover: ETB 300,000

Major Activities: 

Nutrition communication provision of health recipes through books, mass media, and radio. Targeting mothers who are not knowledgeable about important nutritional information that affects the health of their families.

Social Impact:

The company has published a cook book on the 1st 1000 days of a child’s life. The recipes are nutritious and balanced in order to improve the nutritional status of children during the most critical period of their lives. 


Founder name: Bruktawit Tigabu

Major Activities:

Whiz Kids Workshop (WKW) is an Ethiopian-led innovative, social-enterprise that focuses on improving the lives of children & youth through research based and cost-effective educational media.  

Capital: 300,000 US

Social Impact: 

One of Whiz Kids’s signature program, Tsehai Loves Learning production capacity grew from producing 4 episodes a year to its current rate of 13 episodes a year.