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Civil Society Support Programme

The Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) is a capacity development programme designed to support Ethiopia’s civil society and its contribution to the country’s national development, poverty reduction and advancement of good governance in line with the government’s policies and strategies.

The five-year programme, which manages a fund of more than €35 million, prioritises capacity development for hard-to-reach CSOs through regionally-led programming, with a particular focus on people affected by social marginalisation, geographic remoteness, under resourcing and neglected development issues.

The grants offer funding opportunities at local, regional and national levels. They are intended to encourage innovation and creativity in civil society organisations (CSOs), to develop capacity, and foster collaboration among various stakeholders, including government.

CSSP is managed by a consortium, led by the British Council and including INTRAC and theIDLgroup. The programme is funded by a number of international donors, led by Irish Aid.

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