People in front of World Voice banner

Credit Genaye Eshetu

The World Voice programme aimed to ensure that, through training, collaboration and resources, young people have the opportunity to use singing to develop their musicality and support wider learning.

Through the programme we aimed to:

  • Share British expertise in singing education with classrooms globally and promote an exchange of skills, knowledge and understanding between all participating countries.
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures, with an emphasis on authenticity.
  • Support colleagues from around the world who wish to learn more about singing leadership techniques.
  • Provide a network for countries to forge long-lasting working relationships.
  • Provide resources which teachers and young people can use in the classroom.
  • Celebrate singing as a fundamental global expressive art.

World Voice Ethiopia was supported and championed by Seleshe Demessae.

The project was phased out on March 2020. 

Why sing?

Singing has a wide range of benefits including: 

  • Physical benefits
  • Psychological benefits
  • Educational benefits
  • Social benefits
  • Musical benefits

Learn more about World Voice champion, Seleshe Demessae

Seleshe is a renowned musician, performer, story teller and musical instrument builder.

He has performed in many, many parts of the world.  His extraordinary performances which incorporate story with music, and his ability to allow audiences to participate, have categorised him as an outstanding solo performer around the world.

He has performed with world-renowned blues rock, African jazz and world music performers, around the world.

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