Through our European Union funded partnership programme Creative Futures implemented by British Council, Goethe-Institut and iceaddis, we shall be working with the Creative Industry at four levels:


For those at the early stages of their careers we will provide Creative Hustles, training and networking platforms in order to support them develop their capacity and their network within the sector. 

  •  To facilitate collaborations, innovation, learning and networking twice over the programme we held Innovation Month sessions throughout the city.


To help artists take a more business-like approach to the management of their talent, we provided:  

  •  A Business and Marketing 8 weeks training with follow up clinics sessions where practitioners got support to overcome challenges they face in the application of their learning.
  •  Events Management 8 weeks training focused on event management and promotion. Once the training has been completed, attendees were able to apply for €350 funding towards the production of their own event.


Through our International Networking programme for those we are more experienced in this sector, we conducted workshops across the photography, film, gaming and design and fashion sectors to help identify specific areas for potential development and international engagement. The workshops were also helpful to identify key sector practitioners with the potential not only to develop their own career, but also to develop the sector more widely in Ethiopia. 5 individuals were paired with international partners from Africa and Europe and together they set up a long-term project aimed at creating more international opportunities for the respective sectors. 


Through a series of Business Breakfast meetings with talks we supported the sector engaging business leaders and Diaspora to develop long-term engagement spaces for sustainability of the arts sector.  

Even though the Creative Futures programme which was funded by the EU is now concluded, our East Africa Arts programme is building on the momentum generated and delivering exciting artistic fusions in the creative sector in Ethiopia, East Africa and the UK.


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