Call for proposal under Emerging CSOs Grant

 Application closing date: 31 July 2022

 Information about CSSP2: Civil Society Support Programme Phase Two (CSSP2) is funded by the people of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, and Norway, and the programme is managed by the British Council, in consortium with Pact UK and Social Development Direct. CSSP2 is a capacity development programme designed to support Ethiopia’s civil society organizations to enable them to be capable advocates on inclusive and accountable governance for better equitable and inclusive access to services; and an improving environment for the promotion and protection of the human rights of all. To this end, CSSP2 is supporting Ethiopian civil society organizations through capacity building activities and grant making for CSOs to implement activities. Grant making, Capacity Development and Engagement are the core strategies of the programme that mainstream key cross cutting strategies including gender equality and social inclusion (GESI), Safeguarding, and Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL). CSSP2’s core thematic areas are Gender Transformation, Young People, and Citizen-State Engagement. CSSP2 uses Regional Hubs as a basic programme delivery unit. Human Rights Based Approach is CSSP2 core approach. CSSP2 believes and supports collaborative efforts among and between different actors for collective impact initiatives are also the key strategies and approaches used for successful, effective and efficient implementation.

 Definition and Scope:

CSSP2’s emerging CSOs grant aim to support, empower, build the capacities and strengthen small civil society organisations whose vision is related to CSSP2’s impact and outcome areas, who are operating at a local, community, district, regional or national level in Ethiopia. The grant specifically targets registered after the new CSO proclamation # 1113/19 where the registration can be at federal or regional/local levels. Furthermore, the grant aims at establishing and supporting institutional set up of the organization itself to be strengthened and/or to start the functionality, linked with making and creating vibrant and professional organization which will become capable advocate for the voiceless. 

The emerging CSOs grant is also intended to support organisational development and boost effectiveness which enables new CSO organisations to better implement projects that considers gender, disability, social inclusion, and human rights dimensions at local level. The grant for emerging CSOs will be limited to CSSP2’s priority themes Gender Transformation, Young People and Citizen State Engagement.

Grant Size and Duration

Each grant size ranges between £ 25,000.00-30,000.00. The exchange rate to be used to convert the GBP budget ceiling to ETB is 63.90 for maximum of 7 Months period from September 2022 to March 2023.

Eligibility Criteria for applicants

In order to be eligible for a grant, the applicants must:

  • be a local civil society organization
  • Registered by authorized government body of Ethiopia (federal or region level) and have a valid registration license, 
  • The proposed action complies with the objectives or mission of the applicant and contributes to CSSP2’ objectives
  • Bedirectlyresponsibleforthepreparation,management,andimplementationoftheproject, not acting as an intermediary.
  • Have basic financial management systems (to be checked by due diligence assessment immediately after the selection of successful concept notes),
  •  Have (or committed to have) safeguarding policy that can be submitted to CSSP2
  •  CSOs who are currently implementing projects funded by CSSP2 are not allowed to apply in this call
  •  Applicants can only apply separately, and coalition application is not allowed for this call 

 How to get Application Guideline and Application pack?

The CSSP2 Emerging CSOs Grant Application Guideline and Application packs are available at Or request via  if you face a challenge to download it.

Please read the CSSP2’s Emerging CSOs Grant Application Guideline before you begin to write your proposal.

 How to Apply?

 A full set of application pack should be submitted in soft copies (word excel, and PDF files) to CSSP2 via by indicating CSSP2 Emerging CSOs Grant Application on the subject line of the email. If the size of attachments is larger than the allowable limit, the applicant must send the attachments in rounds; however, the subject line of the second email should denote CSSP2 Emerging CSOs Grant Application – Second Email etc. Deadline for application is on 31 July 2022.

 For any enquiry, please send your request through; or Call to: +251- 11 617 4300 the Grants team.