In a competitive job market, international work experience can make a big impression on a resume. Countries like the USA offer a diverse economy made up of many different industries; a promising option for anyone on a global career path.

An IELTS test is a key requirement for professionals planning to apply for work in an English-speaking country like the USA. Companies who welcome people from all over the world are assured that their candidates can confidently communicate in English because they have succeeded in the IELTS test.

Find out which sectors in the USA are hiring international professionals.


Generations of families have embarked on the American dream, adding to an exciting multicultural nation with a very large population. The demand for skilled healthcare professionals in the USA is always high.

In states like New York, there is a shortage of psychiatrists, while residents in California need more physicians. Emergency medical staff are in high demand in Florida and many other states. If you have medical experience and you’re looking for global experience, book your IELTS test and become the best in your field in the USA.


If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere! Whether a Broadway stage or a studio is in your future, the USA is at the heart of global entertainment. Countless musicians and actors from all over the world have launched successful global careers from the USA.

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The USA is home to many prestigious institutions who look for qualified educators from all over the world. Academic professionals, university researchers and teachers are welcomed across the country.

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The USA is one of the largest countries in the world by area. There is an increasing need for construction professionals as diverse cities and communities continue to expand. Engineers, site managers and planners with experience will always be welcomed in the global hub that is the USA and earning potential is high.

The list of options for a career experience in the USA continues into finance and business, technology and even retail. Become a competitive job seeker with experience abroad and book your IELTS test with us today.