If a globally recognised degree is part of your plan for success, the USA is an exciting option! Use the tips below to plan your studies abroad and prepare for a memorable academic experience.

Where to study?

The USA is the most popular study destination in the world for international students and there are plenty of excellent institutions to choose from. Where you choose to study will depend on several factors including your chosen course and the budget you have available.

Some universities are more popular with international students than others. The University of Columbia boasts a world-renowned medical centre for those looking to study healthcare, while Arizona State University is known for their business, management and marketing courses. Wherever you decide to make your move, an IELTS test will be part of your application requirements. Preparing for IELTS is a great way to boost your confidence in English communication ahead of your journey abroad.

Where to start?

Make a list of all the requirements to apply at the institution you have chosen. Start with the university website application form on their website and carefully note the additional documents you will be required to submit. This may include transcripts from previous institutions, recommendation letters and a portfolio. You should also investigate financial aid options and scholarship opportunities to help fund your studies in the USA.

Courses at American universities are in English, so an IELTS test will form part of your application requirements. Every year, four million IELTS tests are booked worldwide by students and professionals with goals of studying or working in an English-speaking country. You can take IELTS Academic on Computer or IELTS Academic on Paper with the British Council.

When to apply?

Start your plan to study abroad at least one year advance so you have enough time to research when your course begins – there is a Fall intake for the semester starting in September and a Spring intake for the semester starting in January. This will impact when you should apply for your student visa and book your IELTS test.

You can book your IELTS test with us just four calendar days in advance. When you take IELTS on Computer, you can preview your results on our Test Taker Portal in 3-5 calendar days. When you take IELTS on Paper, you can preview your results in 13 calendar days. Once a preview is available, we will courier your Test Report Form to you and assist in distributing the results to your chosen university and to immigration authorities for visa purposes.

What to expect in the USA?

Get ready for an unforgettable student experience! There are so many sights to see across the vast landscape of the USA, from the bustling streets of New York to the famous beaches of Miami. Be sure to make friends from all over the world at a multicultural campus full of students with new cultures and perspectives to share.

A student experience abroad can open your world to new opportunities. Book your IELTS test today and make sure you get the score you need to own your future. When you take IELTS with us, you can access free practice tests, video tutorials and more to help you on your journey abroad.