The world is moving towards borderless work and study, which opens up a wealth of new opportunities for students and young professionals.

International employers are battling serious skills shortages in several key areas: cyber security, IT, operations and logistics, sales and marketing, education and healthcare. In future, demand for specialised software development and AI skills is expected to soar worldwide. What this could mean for you is a world of job opportunities in a field you’re passionate about.

International work experience is great for your CV, plus it gives you access to a broader professional network, a bigger variety of projects and assignments, and a chance to learn about new places and cultures.

If you are actively looking to broaden your horizons and tap into these opportunities, you’re not alone: the African Youth Survey 2022, carried out in 15 countries by the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, found that around half of Africa’s young adults are considering emigrating to another country in the next three years. 

This increasing mobility applies to students too – in fact, it was reported in 2020 that university students in Sub-Saharan Africa were the most mobile tertiary students in the world. An estimated 5% of the continent’s tertiary students had crossed a border – more than double the global average. For many, studying overseas was seen as a way to get a ‘foot in the door’ to international work opportunities.   

Achieving your Goals

To take advantage of study or work opportunities in English-speaking countries, you may need to take an IELTS test. These tests assess your level of skill in listening, reading, writing and speaking English.

IELTS is the world’s most popular English language test and an excellent way to develop the confidence to communicate in English speaking countries. It is accepted by more than 10,000 organisations in over 140 countries, and accepted in countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and USA. Thousands of education and training providers around the world use IELTS results to select their students, while many employers and professional bodies use IELTS as proof of English language ability. 

The British Council offers courses, lessons and activities designed by the world’s English experts, to help people of all ages achieve their desired IELTS score. Whatever your level of English, we’re here to help. Our IELTS training includes our most popular online resource – the free Road to IELTS with free webinars and a study pack, a 12-week IELTS ExpertTrack course, and personalised coaching by IELTS experts.

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